Did Elvis Presley have any illegitimate children?

London, England
April 23, 2008 5:12pm CST
I think Elvis Presley did have a number of illegitimate children from at least five women. I remember seeing an article to that effect over ten years ago. Did Elvis have any illegitimate children, what do you think and what do you know about the affairs of the King of Rock and Roll?
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• United States
19 Apr 11
I am an attorney in Phoenix, AZ, and I believe that I have met the son of Elvis. His name is John Dennis Starr, and he just "came out" about his heritage this week in NJ. See the story and follow this lead. The man is very talented, a great voice, and truly may be the son of Elvis! See "EggHarborPilot.com" for the story.
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3 Dec 11
I'm Mark Bibbe...So I was told...I'm just turned 51...While in Nashville in 1995-96 I started writing and singing and all hell broke loose.It lead me to Elvis and me being his offspring...Since all that I didscovered my presented parents worked in the Pentagon before I was born and when Elvis enlisted Howard Bibbee was transfered to basic training with Elvisd...Then Howard went to Germany before Elvis left...They say I was born in Germany.Turns out Howard was a post WWII Nazified American and had done many crimes while in uniform.I survived over 20 hit attepts and been cleared by FBI and secret service. Let's get everyone that claims or could be an elvis relative and do DNA...If any of our DNA matches as siblings the conection is Elvis...MarkBibbee@aol.com Elvis would like a big family I think...Lisa Marie and I could be like Donny and Marie Osmond...Just a thought
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• United States
27 Nov 08
log in to read my other comment its worth the signup. lisa marie presley made a documentry film about a son of elvis in the mid 80's and it only aired in Houston tx area.
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1 Oct 11
It seems that MUCH leads back to two areas's with Elvis and his sexcapades. Houston Texas and Louisville Kentucky. It was well documented he chose the name Lisa Marie and there is a girl who is without a doubt his child that was formerly named Lisa Marie. There is in fact a truth of a baby, left "belonging" to Elvis at Graceland, and due to the publicity that the king of rock would suffer, it was decided the child would be placed in an un-named orphan home. The home was located in Louisville, Ky. After much research, it was learned the young lady belonged to Sandy Miller, and was born in 1966. She was adopted out and name changed. However her resemblence to the king is uncanny. She has his exact eyes, hair, talents, and personality. If there is/was a child or children of Elvis Presley, this young woman is THE ONE. She has been approached by several people, a few in the Presley family, about staking her namesake. She denies it, and will have no part of the insanity of all so it is said. One must admire her for that, and from this reporters perspective, I would assume that Elvis would adore her, for that reason alone. Integrity, being one of his highest demands in people.
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• St. Marys, Ohio
12 May 13
One common thread you'll find running through all these claimants is they have shown no DNA proof. The technology is not that difficult, and they don't even need Elvis' DNA to prove their claims. Just a simple DNA test to prove ethnicity, enough is known about Elvis' heritage that it could easily be proven if someone was a child of his or not. The Arizona guy, the circus clown guy, Eliza Presley, all the rest seem to not be able to offer this kind of proof. In fact, a close look reveals their stories are truly assinine. The facts are that none of these people are Elvis' children, and even if someone comes forward who can prove it they'll get nothing from his estate. Elvis' will was specifically worded to include only legally born children (to a legally recognized wife), and the only person who can prove that is Lisa Marie Presley. In the end, any real child of Elvis Presley's would be racing to have DNA testing performed. Ask yourself if any of these people have managed that yet and then shown the world the proof.
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@underdogtoo (9589)
• Philippines
13 Jun 08
When you are as famous as Elvis it would be very conceivable to have many women conceive with his child. It would be considered a trophy or an honor to have slept with the king and what resulted from that would be a blessing indeed. Elvis Presley's son! How cool is that?