Digital Pinhole Photography

Digital Pinhole Photography - I took this photo of a bridge reflected in the water using a pinhole lens on a Nikon D70 DSLR.
@trickiwoo (2702)
United States
April 23, 2008 5:45pm CST
I recently made a pinhole lens for my digital camera and have been experimenting with digital pinhole photography!It's pretty neat! Instead of a regular glass lens, pinhole cameras use an extremely small hole in a very thin material that can focus light by confining all rays from a scene into a single point. You can turn any digital SLR camera into a digital pinhole camera by making a pinhole lens! Pinhole lenses are very cheap and easy to make! First you get a body cap for your camera. You can usually pick one up in the bargain bin at your local camera store. I bought mine online at for $4. Then you drill a hole in the center of the cap. Then on the inside of the lens you tape down a small piece of aluminum foil to cover the hole. Then with a small needle you punch a tiny hole in the aluminum foil. Screw the body cap onto your camera, and ta-da! You've got your very own digital pinhole camera! (I usually keep a piece of tape over the hole when it's on my camera to keep dust from getting on my image sensor.) To use the lens, you will need to set your camera to a pretty long exposure. But the best part about it being digital is that you can see right away if you need to use a longer or shorter shutter speed!I took this photo the other day using my pinhole lens. It's of a bridge reflected in the water. The pinhole lens gave it a kind of dreamy look that I thought was really cool!It is a lot of fun to experiment with! And it's the cheapest lens you'll ever find!Are any of you familiar with pinhole photography? Have you ever made a pinhole camera? I'd love to hear your stories and experiences using pinhole cameras and lenses!
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@Pigglies (9335)
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26 Apr 08
That is pretty cool! I guess it's true that you learn something new everyday, because I had never heard of pinhole photography before.
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