hi,share a story or experience about your first time knowing Jesus!

April 23, 2008 11:57pm CST
I think it will be an interesting topic. my first time knowing Jesus is Jul.2006, in Australia, i am a Chinese. I spend 5 months in Aus., the biggest harvest is my first time knowing Jesus, and get close to him. I lived in a theological college (we all called RTC)that time, though I was a student in a university. RTC provided supper every weekday night, before supper, there will be a person who will read some chapter of Bible, and then had a comment about the chapter, at last, he/she lead us pray together, pray for us, pray for himself, and pray for Jesus. we should thank everything God gives us, thank every person we'v met, thank the food, etc. first, i thought it was interesting, then got used to that,at last, it is a must befor every meal, even before sleep. i know, it is more normal for a western, but for a Chinese which has its own religion, Jesus is not widely accepted. i have many friends who also a Christian, told me many story about Jesus, and gave me a Bible,then i started to read and feel God is really exsit with us. thanks for the chance i went to Aus, thanks my friends lead me in front of Jesus. Friends, let's share your story about Jesus.
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• United States
25 Apr 08
I was 4 years old. My family went to church all my life and almost all the stories I ever heard were from the Bible. I prayed with my mother when I was 4. It's hard to remember now and what I knew then was pretty simple, believe in Jesus and go to Heaven, or if you don't believe you go to Hell. But I have learned a lot more and have a much deeper relationship now.
• China
25 Apr 08
thanks for your reply. i got a childrens' bible-a carton book from an old couple who are christian, the bible is so vivid that you can almost understand every story for a baby in christian family. when i came back to China, i read the story for my mom, it is great!