Victim's family hugs accused?

April 24, 2008 12:05am CST
Can you believe this? I've read an unusual story. Mr. Hopper, a 28-year-old rugby league footballer in the StGeorge region competition, stood accused of murdering Mr. Tamapeau, 25, an off-duty security guard. It turns out that Mr.Tamapeau died of an acciednt fall on the ground which caused the fracture of the back of his skull, rather than 18 punches that Mr. Hopper later inflicted on his face, fracturing an eye socket, cheek bone and his nose as he lay unconscious. Mr. Tamapeau's relatives and family embraced and kissed Mr.Hopper's parents and relatives when the ture reason of death found out. This is rare,isn't it? How do u take it, please share:)
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• India
27 Apr 08
Wow they must be one of the few forgiving people on this earth. Any ways that was a very merciful act. I wouldnt have forgiven him, leave alone hugging him...
• China
28 Apr 08
Yeah, they're so merciful, unbelievable. Maybe i can fogive them, well, I may not bear malicious emotion to them, but i will not hug them either. But the world needs this kind of understanding to build up a much more peafully environment, doesn't it. Thanks for coming round:)
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