My first time to look for a job

April 24, 2008 12:09am CST
I was nearly graduating college when I really wanted to have a job and not depend on anyone. So in short I became a working student. It was really hard to find a job that time. The sun was also at it's peek. I think it was summer that time. I was holding a folder with my CV in it and all the necessary documents. I walking to from company to company that were hiring. My target was at a call center. This is because I have heard that they got a high pay and it's an easy job. So I have tried one company. I thought It was easy because I have all that it needs. I knew how speak fluently in English and can read and write as well. But then I only found out that I did not pass the interview. I was feeling glum and so down. But my friend told me not to give up. I really wanted to quit searching for a job and just focus on my studies. I was going to graduate anyway. But my friend pushed me to go and try just for one more. So i did.. When I went to another company and went for an interview again. I thought I was turned down... But no! I passed their interview and I was just among the few that they have hired! I was so happy and excited! My first office job! What I have learned here is that never loose hope... And when ever you are turned down from what you really-really want..just go and try it again and again until you succeed... Well if that is really what you want.. I mean if it really comes from within...and now whenever I am down I would recall all the blessed times I had including this time that happened to me and think of how blessed I am. How about you guys? Do you have any inspiring stories from your first time to find a job? Hope you can share... I will always read this discussion
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