animal abuses

April 24, 2008 10:16am CST
what can we do against this crime?? what do you think we should do to stop this crime??dog fights and all that should be extreamly punished!
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@sunkissed (4330)
• United States
1 May 08
I can not stand people that abuse animals. There are those that have so many animals and they are starving, no food or water, this is inhumane.If we are going to have animals we should take care of them. Not abuse them. people that abuse animals will also abuse other people. They should be punished harshly.
26 Apr 08
We are headed to court Tuesday morning against our former neighbor, he shot our furbaby after his dog attacked ours and ours was doing an awesome job of defending himself. The neighbor routinely hits his dog into submission, he is an agressive dog. My Rexi however is not. Anyhow, neighbor is a convicted felon,so he shouldn't have had the .22 to begin with and I hope he is punished to the max. Anyone who can do this to animals would have not a problem doing it to a my opinion. Oh by the way Rexi lived to tell about his ordeal.:)
@danzer (2727)
• Philippines
24 Apr 08
I would like to point out that having dominion over the cattles and fowls is not a crime. God ordained us to have dominion over them. I have some animals in my place. I take care of them and when they are ready to be butchered and prepared for meal, we kill them and cook them! Want to taste some?