Raising a hatchling

United States
April 24, 2008 12:08pm CST
Yesterday a baby bird fell out of it's nest and I think that it is starling. I don't think it is even a week old. I have raised a pair of starlings before but they were a couple of weeks old. It's eating and going to the bathroom fine and it doesn't seem to be injured in anyway. I decided to take care of the bird because I am unable to reach the nest to put it back and there is no place around where I live to take it. My question is about the feeding. I know how often to feed it(15-20min during day light hours) but I'm wondering how much. I bought some worms and have been cutting them up into little chunks. I was having a hard time mushing them up so I hope it is ok that the baby bird is eating them as little chunks. Seems to be doing alright so far. I'm guess about a quarter of a night crawler to maybe a half per feeding? I have a heating pad in the bottom of the box with a sheet on top of it and I keep the baby covered. So it is plenty warm. I anyone has any other advise I would appreciate it. Like I said I have raised starlings before but not quite this young. It barely has any feathers and it's eyes are not even open. So I am pretty sure it is only about four or five days old.
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@bjcyrix (6910)
• Philippines
24 Apr 08
Wow! Actually I dont know how to care for birds. Im more of the four-legged type pet owner but I do love animals and if I saw something like taht on the street I would have probably picked it up and took it home. I used to care for lizard eggs though, they never did hatch. I used to find them in the back of one of my Mom's cabinet drawers. They would just roll into view. then Id get them. I didnt even know how they got their in the first palce since I never saw a lizard come out of the cabinet so I guess they were left alone. I used to put them in small boxes then id fill it with cotton balls then put it under a lamp to keep it warm. that much I knew back then in order for it to hatch but it didnt hatch. Maybe thats why it was left by the motehr lizard because she knew it wouldnt hatch. Anyways, thank you for your story about the baby bird. I do hope it grows well. Goodluck in caring for it and thank you.^_^