What's ur favorite type of music?

United States
April 24, 2008 4:59pm CST
Well, Hi everyone. I'm new at MYLOT and I want to get to know u guys. Well first of all I want to know what type of music u guys like to hear... Well, to start it out I like to hear hip hop, r&b, Rap, merengue, salsa, tecno classical music and many more. Well as long as the beat is great I like it!
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@skydancer (2075)
• United States
1 May 08
Hi there! Welcome to MyLot. I love ALL music. Classical, country, new age, world, blues, jazz, gothic/symphonic metal, classic rock, you name it! I usually like non-mainstream music better than mainstream (which may sound weird when you learn my favorite artist is Garth Brooks, but I was a fan of his work before he was considered mainstream)... so I don't listen to a lot of pop and things like that although sometimes it will get occasional play from me just for fun. So when it comes to music, anything goes! One thing I do not like, however, is covers and remixes of my favorite artist's songs because I get so emotionally attached to the way said artist did it and don't like to see it altered and changed. That is the one thing that is not likely to win me over musically.
• London, England
24 Apr 08
I like any music that makes me want to get off my chair to dance. In my opinion any music that does not make you want to dance does not qualify as music, but as music or just plain ryhthm.