@oldcoger (112)
United States
April 25, 2008 12:42am CST
I absolutely love Mexican food, but I will not eat it anymore. Since Arizona and Oklahoma have cracked down on illeagal immigration, all the illegals have flooding into Utah. They are taking up all the jobs, and ruining our economy. I watched 2 Mexican woman at our local McDonalds, at the table next to me, look at 3 social security cards and select 2 of them and put the other one away. Then a spanish speaking supervisor came out and went through the application line by line, and told them what to put down. He then took the social security cards and copied them. The 2 women were hired on the spot. I was pissed and have not been back to McDonalds since. There were local teenagers that applied at the same time, that were not hired. I AM PISSED.
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@ClassyCat (1214)
• United States
10 Sep 08
Sorry to hear of the influx of folks into your economy. I wonder what it'll take for our government to realize that we can'f afford to take care of EVERYONE here in America! Get your friends together and start making calls and emails and visits to your congressmen and women - it's an election year for many of then too. If you make enough noise, and call their offices enough - - you should get some results. We've even been having "gang activity" here. I know that there are some honest and good hispanic folks, and these troublemakers make it look bad for all of them. For the most part - the hispanics are good people, and hard workers. I wish you luck.
@jerzgirl (8170)
• Gloucester City, New Jersey
1 May 08
First of all, Utah has had illegals for a long time. Not all from Mexico - quite a few from other Latin American countries as well as Asia. Secondly, if you witnessed a crime being perpetrated, shouldn't you have contacted the authorities? Like notifying the labor board as well as ICE and telling them what you witnessed? It shouldn't be too hard to determine who was hired that day if you remember the date. But, my former inlaws (I've been divorced since 1989, so you know how long ago I'm talking about) used to complain about the "mojados" coming in and taking jobs. Yes, I was married to a Mexican, but someone who was born here and whose family has always been here since the land belonged to Mexico. My mother-in-law couldn't read, write or speak English. They didn't move - the country's boundaries did. So, if they thought it was a problem in 1989, how is it just news now? And, don't blame McDonald's for the actions of a local manager. They can't read his mind and only know what is on the documents. If they look legit, they assume they are. The manager might know, but it's hard to say. So, in addition to contacting the authorities, you should write to McDonald's corporate office and tell them what you saw and when.