or kinda sad?

April 25, 2008 4:37am CST
Ok so when people first started talking about myspace, i shrugged it off and "thought what can be so great about it? How can people spend so much time on it?" And there was many debates about it between friends at school. The people who did have it thought the people that didn't were mad, and the people that didn't have it thought the people that did were kind of sad. I ended up setting up an account, to support my fiance's band, who are also on myspace, and when i did i started getting lots of messages from old friends who i hadn't spoken to in a couple of years and have gotten really close with again. Now i check it everyday, and spend ages chatting to mates on there, uploading pictures and commenting on other people's. So what do you think people? Is it cool, or just kinda sad?
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