when people add you

April 25, 2008 6:36am CST
I s'pose this is actually more of a rant than anything else. But i hate it when people add me on things like facebook or myspace, and yet they were actually really horrible or never spoke to you at school...it's just a popularity contest...i only want to socialise with people who i was actually friends with or who are looking to be mates. What do you think? Sick of people just adding you so they can make up numbers or do you add everybody and anybody?
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• Canada
25 Apr 08
Yeah I find it really annoying as well. Occasionally, I might get some cute girl or something but it usually is really weird. Especially when its someone from my school that is like 3 years younger than me and I might have never seen before or very rarely.
• United States
25 Apr 08
When people try to add me whom I didn't like in high-school/ college, I don't add them. I am not trying to get my "friends" number high. If I haven't talked to them in 8 years, there is no need to re-connect.
@hamoru12 (73)
25 Apr 08
What's the point of adding having a large number of "friends" when they're not friends at all and not going to be in the future..? All my facebook friends are real friends, well some are friends of my friends which become my friends, and a few are people I don't really know in person, but just know by face, like we went to same school but never really friends..
• India
25 Apr 08
yes .. sometimes it becomes irritating when you are added by persons who are unknown to you .. even though i like to make new friends but i only those with whom i have had conversations in the past . tell me why would i add someone about whom i don't even know about. this is a ridiculous thing to do to add people just to increase your list as in starting i also did that but after sometime deleted all those whom i didn't knew about..
25 Apr 08
Yes some people I see on there from my shcool have added friends but I know full well in school they never spoke to that person or they even bullied them so I have no idea why they added them - The only people I add to my friends are people who I either have been friends with but lost contact with of friends who i've made over the years. Some people who have added me I have rejected especially if we didn't get on as I don't see why I should make them look really popular!!
25 Apr 08
I know! The people from my old high school do that ALL the time! I add them but just so that I can see if they're doing anything worthwhile with their lives lol, or if they're just dossing it away. More in a curious way than anything cruel so don't judge me lol.