Your Holidays

April 25, 2008 1:44pm CST
Do you have a favourite holiday destination? Have you been on holiday recently?.. or do you plan to? Have you ever been abroad? Which places did you enjoy the most? My Fiance and I have been saving up for a holiday for a long time now, and now we have the funds to travel, we need to decide on a destination. Neither of us have been abroad, so we're not sure where to go. I'd love to hear where you've been on holiday, and where you'd choose to go again in the future, to give me a few ideas. Thanks everybody. xxxxx
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@jesbellaine (4142)
• Philippines
25 Apr 08
My boyfriend and I are planning to go to Baguio. It is located here in the Philippines. We are just looking for a perfect time to go there and I am in the process of filing a vacation leave for like 3 days to a week so we can spend sometime there. In the future, we hope to go to abroad for vacation once we save up enough money. Goodluck on your travel with your fiance. I hope you will have a great time there! Take care. Cheers!
25 Apr 08
Oh i've never heard of Baguio in particular, but my ex-husband was a huge fan of the Philippines. Before i met him, he was married to a really lovely Philippino lady, and he had 3 children, who were obviously half Philippino, and half white-English, and were just so beautiful. He told me lots of stories about his trips to the Philippines, and i always longed for him to take me there, but he never did : Is Baguio near the coast? I would love to know more about what it is like there.. thankyou jesbellaine. xxxx
• Philippines
26 Apr 08
Oh that is just great! :) Well, it is not really near the coast. From Manila, it is like six hours from here. It is really cold there and you would enjoy the place there We plan to go there this June but not sure but I will be sending your or posting some nice pictures here from Baguio, Philippines. -they do have lots of stuff there like flower garden and... you will love the strawberry farm on where you can pick strawberries. Cheers! Thank you!
27 Apr 08
Thats lovely ~ i'll have to have a look on the Internet, to see if i can find out some more about Baguio. I've heard of Manilla, because thats were my ex visited a lot ... it would be lovely to see some pictures when you get back from there jes. are you going to post them here after your holiday? I would love to see. xxxx
• Indonesia
10 May 08
I've been in Bali island since i was born LOl. I think i would like to visit another island like Lombok island or Jawa island :D
10 May 08
I've obviously heard of Bali, but i know absolutely nothing about it ~ i dont even know where it is! I do seem to remember somebody telling me how beautiful it was though, after there holiday to Bali... i'd imagine it's gorgeous weather there.. and beautiful beaches too? So you're obviously the best person to ask ~ what's Bali like?! Thanks for the response sweetie. xxxxx
@inked4life (4225)
• United States
28 Apr 08
I love Las Vegas, but on the occassions that I have visited I usually come away broke and with some sort of infectious disease in the nether regions. Next vacation, I'm hitting Derby...I hear there is absolutely nothing going on there at all, and it is full of new houses with purple wallpaper and yellow tartan sofas...sounds like a nice place to chill
10 May 08
Gasp!! How did you know?! Thats EXACTLY like my house!! hehe are you psychic?!! ;) LOL, yeah absoluely nothing going on in Derby. There's a Casino here though, so if you like to gamble, we'd have to keep you away from there ~ but at least your nether regions wouldnt be day-glow green when you left here! .. thats unless you like them that colour, then who am i to argue?!! ;) xxx