royal george

@sun2day (1063)
Virgin Islands (U.S.)
April 25, 2008 9:26pm CST
In the year 2005, some family members came up from the Virgin Islands to visit for the summer. So we decided to take them some place exciting. It was recommended that we take them to the ROYAL GORGE in CANNON CITY. Lots of visitors were on the scence, some waiting to go on the INCLINE,others going on various rides. We were waiting to go on the incline. I was persauded to go on the incline for I do not care for heights. The gentleman who encourged me to go, said, "he doesn't like heights either, but that was his second time going down again". I kindly accepted the challenge. It got pretty scary going down between two gigantic cliffs on both sides. Felt like it was taking a little too long to get down to the botton. Once down there we watched the RIVER RAFTING, that was exciting, and we took lots of pictures. From the bottom the ROYAL GORGE SUSPENSION BRIDGE looked like a piece of wire into the sky, because we were so far below. I decided to walk the bridge for the challenge and exercise, but once I stand I could feel the bridge swaying, very interesting. Believe me, I took tons of pictures. That is a day I will always remember.
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