You posted a profile comments then it deleted? How you will feel?

@ozzeth (942)
April 25, 2008 9:54pm CST
Feel sad, insulted, heart broken, Why????. Especially you posted to the person that you treasured much!. Why is it like that? Did he think how will you feel. Whatever the reasons is..i dont care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is he to insensitive to do that? You make your effort to post it. It came from your heart just simply as like that? Ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. Well, i just express whats inside my heart and in my mind. But, whaterver his reasons..i do understand. Don't you worry..I am still smiling!!.
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@KrauseHome (36748)
• United States
26 Apr 08
I have had this happen to me way more than one time in the 18+ months that I have been a member here. It is something you learn from and then move on. Sometimes it is due to a posting rule violation and such as well. I just tend to look at this as learning experiences and then move on from there. I find you will never know when your ratings on here will change, when a discussion might be deleted, etc. I just post, post, post, post, post when I can and hope for the best. I personally Love being a member here, and have never allowed any of the small things on here to effect me. You can too in time. Continue to enjoy being a member here, and Best of Luck to you.