do you really know how to admire beauty?

April 26, 2008 1:08am CST
When I listen to the lines like,"Your hair looks beautiful today,which shampoo have you used? You have a beautiful necklace on,your mascarra is very shiny,you have a beautiful shade of lipstic on,I love your earring,etc." I fall into a reverie and recall the past English poets who had devoted so much time and admiration on the processes of presenting a beautiful woman in their poems,I don't include Alexander Pope in my list,for his "The Rape of Lock" is nothing but the discriptive presentation of cosmetic powers which,in fact,conceals the natural charm that a woman has. Imagine where all these cosmetic factories would be if we started admiring the original beauty in a woman?I am least bothered about the Socratic concept of External and Internal beauty here,because I believe that physical beauty requires no less admiration than the intellectual beauty does. For just one day,try to meet as many female faces as you can and try to visualize them devoid of their cosmetic and ornamental powers.I am sure that you will be in a very precarious state of mind because you have been so much habitual to visualise women with their cosmetic powers on that you will not be able to,perhaps, call any of them beautiful.We have really lost our sense of beauty in the long course of our materialist progess. If you are able to utter the lines like "you have beautiful hair,your neck is beautiful,your face inspires hopes in my heart,or your ears are so beautiful,believe me you will have developed a divine sense of beauty. Bless you.I love you all. Raja Sir.
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