29 years in marriage.

@ozzeth (940)
April 26, 2008 5:00am CST
My parents is already 29 years together. We saw their ups and down. But they still stick to each other. The more they getting older the more their relationship stronger and the more they love each other. They are my inspirations...And if i will be married..i am also dreaming to last my marriage for that long too. My mother is 14 years younger to my father. My mother is only 17 when she had started for a relationship to my father. And the age of my father that time was 30 years old. On that age also..my mother got fragnant and they got married when my mother was already 18 years old. My father is a half filipino and half portuguess and my mother is a pure filipina [bisaya]. They started of nothing until my father graduated in college when i was only one year old. They have four children..One boy, two girls and one gay..hehehe. I love them and i am happy that they are still here....
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