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@yona06 (585)
April 26, 2008 5:04am CST
I have the nicest husband, but you all know nobody's perfect. So here's the problem. I like being fashionable (well, at least I try to be). But my hubby has no sense of fashion whatsoever. None. When we were first dating, he used to wear dull shirts that have worn out tears on them with cotton baggy pants (the ones that people usually wear to work) that don't match and leather sandals fit for an elderly man who never goes out. And he says those are his favorite apparels. Not because they look good, but because they're comfortable. I nearly left him right then and there, lol. But luckily I had the patience to teach him how to dress up. I know comfort is important but it doesn't mean you can't look good as well. Anyway, he still hasn't gotten the hang of choosing appropriate clothes (and I mean clothes that are generally acceptable). Last night he came home and brought me a surprise. Usually it's some kind of food or sweets, but this time it was clothe. The moment I saw that dress I was like "oh, dear..". The model, the color, the fabric.. it's just too tacky for my liking. But I kept a positive attitude and said I liked it a lot, until he said he wanted me to wear it tomorrow when we go out. Then I was just speechless and struggled to keep a big smile on my face. I couldn't say no, he seems to like the dress a lot. I tried to mix n match the dress but nothing will do. It's hopeless. So I guess I'll just tuck in my pride for the day and where the d**n outfit to make him happy. Oh, what one will do for their loved ones. I just hate it when this happens. What do you do when someone you love gives you something that you feel you would never buy or use in a million years?
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@reene0225 (352)
• United States
13 May 08
That's sweet though. He was trying to do something nice for ya, but his fashion sense is out of wack. I have the same problem with wearing things that other people like and I just hate. Most guys just want to be comfortable and don't care what they look like. My boyfriend is usually pretty good on dressing. He wears t-shirts and jeans or shorts and tennis shoes. Fine by me. I feel for you hon.