My friend is convinced she is being invaded by mice!

@dloveli (4368)
United States
April 26, 2008 6:24am CST
My friend has truly lost it. lol She has a mouse problem. Its a common problem around the colder part of the season. Mice are looking for shelter from the cold. However if there is excavation going on near you then you could see them at the time as well. Unfortunately for my BFF she has a lot of new houses going up in her area. She is so obsessed with the little guys that she even bought a cat. The cat is doing her job but there are more than her little self can handle. My friend has put sticky traps,snap traps,poison, anything that she can think of. I am sooo glad that I dont live in her house. It's terrible! THere must be a million of them. There is no sense in calling an exterminator because if you have had this experience, you know the exterminator will come in a lay traps. A few of us have brainstormed and came up with different ways of handling them. Still nothing. Have any suggestions? My friend would be indebted to you. The poor thing doesnt sleep. I went to her house this morning to go out for our normal morning coffee and when I got there I found her in the cellar with the lights off and a broom in hand. SHe was talking to them. Help me! The mice are winning! ANy suggestions?
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