God - Do you believe

April 26, 2008 11:40am CST
Simple enough question, do you believe in an all-powerful God and/or are you part of a religous group? Personally, I am currently in doubt on whether I believe in a God that actively affects my life - the God of the Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) - but I do have the odd moment where I can almost know for sure that there was some supernatural power involved. So share your views, and try to keep preaching to a minimum
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26 Apr 08
I have doubted that God exists many times, I am almost sure everyone has...if they say they haven't then they have been blessed with a life of never having to struggle.Bless their hearts.However, when it comes down to it I know that MY God is always there..it is totally up to me to realize that.Like my priest (Episcopalian)says "God isn't going to come running after you, you have to accept that he is always there waiting for you when YOU are ready"..no preaching here, but you have to look at the little tiny things in this huge picture we have in life. My children prove to me daily that there must be a higher power working in my life. Just a little verse "and this too shall pass"..remember that..peace:)
27 Apr 08
that's borderline preachine, but a very good response. I think that God can only be found in the tiny things in life, like you said, however I don't agree that God will always be waiting because then there can never be any proof of God. In that sense you've brought up the kind of arguement where God exists because people think God does, but in my view that doesn't really make God exist...