What's up with the modern day motherhood

South Africa
April 27, 2008 12:16am CST
I am not old enough to be a granny yet but too old to have another child of my own. I am shocked at the way mothers today work with their babies. I realize that life has become a much faster and demanding pace but still so much money is wasted nowdays. I am now forever seeing mothers feeding their poor babies bottled baby food. What's up with that..have these mothers actually tasted this food themselves..its tasteless and so boring no wonder the babies and toddlers dont want to eat properly, especially when it's fed to them at room temparture! Why is so hard for mothers today to cook fresh veggies and potato/rice etc for their babies? You still have to warm the bottled food up whereever you are so why not take along a tupperware of fresh homemade food instead? This disposable diaper business is really weird. In our days we used disposables only while travelling far distances. Nowdays babies only wear disposables! I understand if the child is in a daycare that the daycare do not allow towelling nappies because of H.I.V. etc, (in south africa u cannot take towelling nappies to a daycare for you child) but what's up with using them on a permanent basis? Have you mothers ever taken the time to work out just how much you are paying per disposable?
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@magrylouyu (1629)
• United States
27 Apr 08
I dont really care how much I pay. I'm not scrubbing poopy cloth diapers. I know my mom did for me but she only did it for the first 4 or 5 months because it was just too much then went with pampers. I didnt even have to buy diapers for my oldest daughter until she was nearly 6 months old because I had THAT many diapers from my baby shower. I had sizes from newborn to size 2. Size 2 fit her for a while too. Either way, I know their expensive but it's easier when you have a house full and have too much to worry about as it is. For the whole fresh food thing. Yes I did actually do that. I used to grind up carrots, green beans, Corn .. everything. My children used to love it and would always want more! I do wish more parents would feed their children real food instead of actual baby store bought baby food.
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@kezabelle (2980)
27 Apr 08
Mothers need to feed clothe and house their children, surely them doing it themselves not taking money from social is better so why is it so wrong if they work? As to what they feed them again thats personal choice and simply things have changed since you had your child that doesnt mean that what they are doing is bad for their child, and I do think its a bit cruel to say such things especially if an allready worried mother reads it. I used jar food and disposables but then ive also made my own and used reusable nappies, i have two totally healthy little girls. I even fed them formula its a wonder they survived!
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• Canada
20 May 08
All that I can say is that times are changing, and whether we like it or not, times are GOING to change. Since you're no longer having children, it's nohing you really have to worry about. Those who might not choose to keep up with modern times may choose to do things "the old way," and that's OK, but you're not going to change he world. People are going to do what people are going to do.