Fart Bomb makes entire class sick. Are you concerned about some things your kids

@tjades (3592)
April 27, 2008 1:36pm CST
play with. Last week in a local preparatory school a student hit a fart bomb package he had against a wall and it popped open. The results were an obnoxious odour which caused the class which was exposed to it to become instantly ill with vomiting and diarrhoea. The children had to be rushed to the hospital where anxious parents gathered and the hospital staff were both concerned and overwhelmed with the effects what was intended to be a toy was having on the students. The toy was actually made in China and was banned there some months before because it made the children exposed to the gas from it sick. The local authorities have now started an investigation to find the persons responsible for shipping the banned product into the country. I am concerned about the things that children buy to play with sometimes. Can you imagine a child affected by asthma having to suffer through all of that ordeal that those kids faced. One little girl shown on the news cast with her mom was all doubled over in pain and the mother just seemed out of her wits as there was little she could do to ease her childs pain. Do you pay particular attention to the things your children purchase as toys? How would you feel if your child had to suffer like this because of someone elses greed and indiscretion. I hope they find the culprits soon.
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@gemini_rose (16192)
27 Apr 08
When I was in school we could buy things called stink bombs from joke shops, you would throw them and they would split and the smell was horrendous, it was like rotten eggs and would last for ages. But it sounds like the one you are on about is a lot more deadlier than any of the ones we ever had that is really bad. I am always with mine when it comes to them spending their money on toys as I like to see what they are buying to make sure they are not wasting it. Knowing how bad those things smelt as a kid I would not have let mine buy anything like that anyway, people always manage to get their hands on things that are banned though don't they.