what books bring to us

April 27, 2008 6:38pm CST
i like reading. books introduce us into the best society, they bring us into the presence of the greatness minds that have ever lived. we hear what they said and did, we see them as if they were really alive. we sympathize with them, enjoy with them, grieve with them, their experience becomes ours,and we feel as if we were in the scenes which they describ
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@nowment (1758)
• United States
29 Apr 08
Nicely said, books are the gift you can open again and again. I have found that no matter what it is we choose to read we can usually get something from it, sometimes it is learning one new word, sometimes it is some great quote, or a line we wouldn't have other wise heard of because the author is not necesarily famous, or well known. Some books inspire, with out even trying, others will be the birth of an entire field of study, some seem to be the forerunner to what our world may be, and others are just something to touch our imagination and emotion, and others can take us to new places we may never get to go to. Think about it, Heinlein created the concept of Robots, and coined the phrase, that is now an entire field of scientific study and creation. Flash Gordon was a comic character, who could look at a box and talk to someone from the moon to earth at a time when the concept of being able to travel to the moon was "impossible" Gone With the Wind, was when it was written a historical romance that has become something of an epic, one that not only gives us a way to learn and remember a part of history that should not be forgotten, but put faces and people to it, so that it is more than dry facts which is what history is when we read it, letting us know to remember that it is not statistics that happened during the Civil War, but people. A light romance might give someone the chance to dream it could be me and so they take the chance and live their life and find what can make it better, One word might be found a word that was not known before, so you go to the dictionary and look it up and learn something new. Reading does bring us so much, great topic.