i'm going to the teacher

April 27, 2008 8:26pm CST
some of you read my previous post about the teacher lying. well i spoke to another parent saying she got the same notes as i did how my child is the ring leader that makes everyone talk in english (in her french school) well she got the same letter her child was the only one speaking in english and pulling this other girl named april away to talk in english. and we spoke to april's mom and she said she got a note saying april was the one pulling the other girl away to speak english. these kids are 4 and the teacher is saying to a lot of parents that it's only their kid. i'm fed up and i'm going to the teacher and then the principle. i'm tired of the lies and her making us feel that our kid is the only one doing this and is the trouble maker. i'm going to tell her i've spoken to 5 different parents and we compared notes and they all said the same except for the names of the kids. we've spoken to another teacher in that school as well and that teacher said she expects too much from our kids. this is her first year doing kindergarden she always did 7 and 8. she makes them do stuff way ahead of where they are suposed to do and if the can only do what they are suposed to do and not the extra she gets mad at them. these kids are getting depressed that they can't please her. another little girl is refusing to go to her class. they have one teacher one day and then this teacher the next. the other woman i talked to said her kid won't go the day it's this teacher's day. i'm fed up
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29 Apr 08
I would start with the principal first. That way the teacher cannot say that you attacked her and get real defensive. I always do. I had one teacher that really gave me a hard time, and the principal hears what is said also. I am glad that you decided to do something.