science:good or evil

April 27, 2008 9:52pm CST
the debate regarding the good or evil effect of modern science has gained wide attention in my point,science has brought about several outstaning advantages to manking. the vast improvements made in the field of medicine have served to lengthen our life expantancy and to reduce the rate of infant morality. the discovery of mechanization, better seeds, better techniques of irigation and pest control has workd to invrease productivity levels on farms~~~so i hold the idea that, science is good for human
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@Malyck (3428)
• Australia
28 Apr 08
I don't so much believe in the concepts of "good vs evil", but for the vast majority of the time, I think Science has improved and aided us for the positive throughout time. Obviously there are some negative outcomes, like weapons and the emissions from machinery/factories etc, but the human race has a majorly improved quality of life because of scientific discoveries, especially in medicine and technology. Everything has a downside, but Science is definitely not evil. Not to me, anyway =)
@nanayangel (7860)
• Philippines
28 Apr 08
Hi there xiaowen187! I think that it is really objective. There are lots of things discovered because of science. Some that helps us save time and effort like our household appliances, and also the internet. I think that science can be good or evil depending upon how a person use its discoveries. I hope that more people will use it for good stuff.