Being a carpenter? travel all over the word?

@gxnfly (1147)
April 28, 2008 1:41am CST
I once met a Britain guy who travelled around the world.I asked what did he do for a living,I told me he was a carpenter.I was really surprised by his answer.I mean,how could a carpenter can afford the trip travelling all over the world?He told me they didn't have many carpenter in Britain,so carpenters were paid considerably well. My uncle has been a carpenter about 15 years,yeah about 15 year doing carpentry. Of five years just learning from the older guys. You show an interest and they show you the secrets they want to teach you and I learned. But there's long, hard hours with very low compensation.He and other carpenters wish the money is better. They put in long hard hours and it just doesn't seem like they're being compensated the way they need to be compensated. What is the situation in your country?Do you add add carpenter to the list of your dream jobs?
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@babyangie27 (5177)
• United States
28 Apr 08
Well I live in Michigan/USa and I am married to a carpenter when we first met in 2001 he mad around $20 an hour which wasn't bad...he is 39 today and he has ben a carpenter for 20 years,with the economy right now his job is not secure or a real money maker so to speak he only makes like $15 and it is hard really hard on us,he is called a journeyman carpenter which means where ever the job is anywhere in Michigan he goes,he has almost had couple of jobs for other compines in other states,but the comapny he is workign for now only has house being done here.....I don't see anythign wrong with the trade job of carpneter but it really depends on the economy and the demand for the trade itself.
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