whom to hold responsible for?

April 28, 2008 7:06am CST
More often it comes to my mind that it is our home from where we start to learn our basic theory of life. as achild grows up he starts to learn to respond to the things pointed to it. whether it be the 1st step on four legs,on two legs, 1st word uttered by it, every thing starts from our home. what is good,bad,right,wrong whatevere that comes across then and will come on in future. it find it amusing when we grown ups who today think to be one whether of any caste,creed,religion and so on but in the most of intelectual families,where people preach towards being one and making no difference i've seen them telling there children that this is a temple where hindus worship, that is a mosque where muslims pray, the building cladded with gold is the holy temple for sikhs,that is a church where christians offfer their prayers. why cant it be simple that this are the holy places of worshiping. why teach them of stating different ways of religions and people and mentioning that we are to do it this way not that way which is meant for them. In my opinion we should 1st check the point of start, at the base where a child 1st understands anything,comes to know anyone, learns to speak anything when it is a raw blank state of mind with no haste or bars of past to bother him from believing in equality and one for all HUMANITY.
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