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April 28, 2008 7:07am CST
I am Khushbu Malik from Pakistan. I've made many useful blogs. They can guide you in every walk of life. My blogs are about: * ISLAM And Suicide * ISLAM, Husband & Wife's RelationShip * Safety Engineering Online * Home Decoration Tips * Different Types Of Candles * BedRoom Decoration And Many More Blogs Life is the most precious gift of ALLAH. There is no alternative of life. Life brings sometimes, happiness and sometimes, sorrows. Its the virtue of a Muslim that he never disappoints and never wish to commit suicide. Read about ISLAM And Suicide from my below link. Safety Engineering Online is very interesting and possible now. You can too have degree of Safety Engineering Online now. I've made a blog about Safety Engineering Online, have a look on it from: Everyone wants to see his/her house beautiful. Everybody likes Home Decoration. All people decorate their homes according to their income and status. Increase the beauty of your house from Home Decoration Tips. Read Home Decoration Tips from my blog. Its URL is: ISLAM is the best religion of the world. ISLAM teaches about each and everything and about every relation. ISLAM prefers justice and balance. Read interesting information about ISLAM, Wife and Husband's relationship from: Votive candles are small candles, but they are usually grouped together to make a big impact. You can use votive candles in lanterns or decorative candle holders. Read more about other different types of candles from: Are you interested in decorating your bed room? Do you need ideas?? Get useful ideas about bedroom decoration from my blog: See my more blogs from my complete profile which is given on right side of my every blog.
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