How angry do you get when he/she does not answer your phone calls?

April 28, 2008 9:37am CST
I am posting about this because my boyfriend didn't answer my calls last night. I called him about 5 times in 2-2 and a half hour and...nothing. Later on that night he managed to call me back and said he was out with the guys playing football. It might be true because i am too proud to go asking around his friends for confirmation but he managed to make me lose my trust in him. Am i overdoing it? Should i take his word on that or search a bit further? How should i act? Ohh and another thing i went through his text messages and found one from an unlisted no. that said " I love you and i'll always love." Should i talk to him about that as well? If i do he'll know that i went through his stuff. What's the best way to bring it up? Or should i keep quiet about it?
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@asgtswife04 (2475)
• United States
28 Apr 08
I wouldn't say that I really get angry, more aggravated than anything. I don't see the point of having a cell phone if your not gonna answer it. The whole purpose of having a cell phone is so you can still get calls while you are out running around doing errands and things like that. Most the time my husband answers the phone, but usually when it is something really important i can't get a hold of him cause he leaves it in the truck or something like that. that does aggravate me, but i just calmly tell him that he needs to keep it on him incase of an emergency or something. God bless
• Romania
28 Apr 08
Great perception you have on phones! Thanks for the response!
• United States
25 Jul 08
I was seeing a guy that 8pm i called and he said he was out with his buddies and he'd call me back. then 1:30am he doesn't answer my 3 calls or my 1 text. but the next morning he texts me "good morning : )" So he seemed like he was avoiding something major and covering it up with saying he was drunk. The only thing I cared about was feeling like crap when he pushed me off and avoided me. So I jus decided we needed our space. Him to do his things with his friends and other women etc. and me to find a better man that I don't have to worry about. It's hard but it has to be done.
@quatelmon (955)
• United States
28 Apr 08
I think we all do this. LOL. We can't help it. It's human nature. The very best way I've found to bring up the looking at the cell phone thing is to look at it right in front of him. I'll say something like "I'm going to take a picture of me on your phone," and then once the phone is in my hand, I can look through it right in front of him. LOL How long have you two been together?
@magrylouyu (1627)
• United States
28 Apr 08
I do the same thing and I'm married. I dont over do it though. When my husband doesnt answer his phone I'll keep calling and leaving messages. I only do this when he say's he will be home around lets say 6pm and it's 8pm I'll start calling trying to figure out where my childrens father is! I dont go through his stuff as I believe in personal space. I wouldnt be quiet about it but I would bring it up if it's really bothering you.
• Philippines
29 Apr 08
Maybe you're just a bit paranoid. relationships should be built on should talk to him. your mind will only rest from all the doubts once he answers all the questions bugging you. i dont usually get angry when my boyfriend fails to answer his phone. the benefit of the doubt.
• South Africa
7 May 08
i know this feeling you call him maybe to say i love you and he is not answering the phone, you dont know what happened, is him too angry to pick up the phone or is he too busy? But then at least, you should be given a chance to say what you want to say