United States
April 28, 2008 5:05pm CST
Hey just wanted to ask who here watches Naruto. I know some people just have this thing against anime but personally I really like some shows. Naruto is a great show lots of action and emotional parts too. It had a great storyline up to the part when they were chasing Sasuke. Then it just messed up. For some reason I just hate cliché anime. Just so boring. For example, like in Dragonball Z, it's all chi and big muscles and a lot of other cliché stuff. Naruto is pretty original except there are a lot of ninja animes already. Anyway I have seen one episode of Shippuden, but am now finding less and less time to watch it... Anyway I just wanted to know your opinion on Naruto and anime in general?
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@rovian (1927)
• United States
28 Apr 08
I live in the United States and do not understand why some people would be against all anime. Most of them are works of quality unlike most of the current cartoons in the US. The only exception I know to this is Avatar: The Last Airbender which has a decent story, decent characters (having decent villains is a good thing), and is not just another cartoon about humor and very low IQ characters. I watch Naruto and find it to be entertaining. I like how the creators tried to make the ninjas different such as how a few uses insects, fire, ink, paper, mud, clay, water, wind, sand, puppets, etc.
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• United States
2 May 08
I also live in the United States. Actually alot of people like it, but half the people are the gangster/weird/outcast type, which I find very sad. BTW, Avatar is a good show, I watch it when I'm tired of Naruto.:D
@xmr518 (14)
• China
3 May 08
Hey ,guys ,i am new .
@ladysakurax (1161)
• Canada
2 May 08
I find it interesting. Till now, I have followed every single episodes ..even the long fillers lol. People don't like anime because they haven't tried it yet. They think that anything that is animation is made for children which is not true at all. I am 21 and I still enjoy it. i even made my uncle a fan of naruto. naruto has some unpredictable storyline and that's what make it interesting. I think you should continue on watching the shippuden serie. Without spoiling anything, the fights are going to be very entertaining. I am also tired of waiting for the next episode so I'll go for manga soon :P
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• United States
2 May 08
Ah I can't stand the long fillers. It is pretty interesting, the plot is very suspenseful. At the end of the original series the storyline wavered a little, but overall it was a great show.
@jeseravi (338)
25 May 08
Actually, almost every show is based off of DBZ. The entire idea of having celestial energy came from the dragon ball series, and thus Bleach, Naruto, etc. got created. You'll also notice that almost all fighting video games are bassed off of dbz and mortal combat.
@hcpoirot (1562)
• Indonesia
24 May 08
Naruto ofcourse is one in a kind anime. Cause it had so many charcters with different personality. The action was good and each ninja had their own special ability and that was really intriquing. I love Naruto and had watch the anime naruto Shiipudden regularly.