Jackie Evans (r.i.p)

United States
April 28, 2008 6:59pm CST
OK my lot i live in ohio and there are several neiborhoods that i would rather not go in. This past friday one of my dear friends who i graduated with was shot infront of her 4 kids. Now what is strange is i saw this on the news but didnt realze who the girl was until one of my other friends found out and told me. Jackie was in confrontation with another mother over their boys fighting. the mothers ended up fighting and jackie got shot by the other mother and died at the hospital shortly after she arrived. Now i do belive that this was a stupid reason to bring a gun into this situation, but it happens oh to often here. People here cant stand to fight and lose. They alway bring a gun into it and some always ends up hurt or dead. I just wish guns were never invented. ************** Past History ***************** In one year, september 2002-august 2003, i went to 8 funerals of family menbers that were very close to me. My uncle, dad, mom, aunt, and several other aunts and uncles. From this situation i hate to go to funerals, and other people have past away since then, but i can not bring myself to go to any of the funerals. Is something wrong with me? *************** back to story ************** Since my friend has past away and of course she will have a funeral, I still dont know if i want to go. My brother asked me if i was going and i told him i didnt know. What should I do Mylot? I dont know how to shack the fear and hatred of funerals. Let me know what you think.
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@howard96h (11645)
• New York, New York
29 Apr 08
I am sorry to hear about this and I understand how you feel. I personally would go because the family needs the support. If everyone decided not to go then who would be there for the family - no one. It's a shame people have to fight like that and look at the result, a life was lost, how sad.
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