Longest time - Not in good terms.

@ozzeth (940)
April 28, 2008 10:26pm CST
What is the longest days/time that you and your best friend never talked to each other and not in good terms. Some misunderstanding and misinterpretation..Pride leads between two of you.. Who did the first move? How you did it or How your friend did it? Me and mybriend not talked to each other for three weeks only. I did the first move..I called her and invited her to eat our favourite snacks habbit! A french fries with sundaes at MC Donalds. So, thats it...then..we couldn't stop to hug each other..and then we laughed. So, how about you guys????? You are welcome to share....
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@modelit (54)
30 Apr 08
I never count the days! I just pretending nothing happened. I am a little bit pride person. So mostly who do a first move is my friend not me.