different person in the past...??

April 29, 2008 12:24am CST
Do you believe that you re born again and your soul was just cleansed on the purgatory.... I should say your past life you are an animal and then you became born again and became a human..?? Can a soul can back again to live on but w/ different body.... I believe that god will risen again all the deaths.. but this is very different and many are believing but some are contradict it... Like SCIENCE because there is no such a scientific explanation here.... All they believe is that all of us will die... But to live again is impossible... But there nothing impossible w/ God...
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• India
29 Apr 08
i beleive in rebirth but not sure about animal births.
@gratitude (181)
• South Africa
29 Apr 08
Its been proven that we live many lives. You will never re-incarnate as an animal. You come back over and over to experience lessons your soul needs to learn..you come back to pay back karma as well. You die as many people call it, but really its only your physcial body that is no longer..your spirit lives on.