If you caught you boyfriend cheating? What then..

@procne (80)
April 29, 2008 1:29am CST
What would be your initial reaction? If he says sorry, would you still give him a chance? How should you deal with the girl? Strangle her to death? Oooh.. Can't wait for your answers.
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• United States
29 Apr 08
I don't know what I would do if I caught my husband cheating. I know I would never give him a second chance. I told him before we were married that if I ever caught him cheating, I wouldn't let him know. I would get him aroused and super glue his male specimen to his belly. I am not sure what I would do to the girl. It depends if she knew he was married or not. If she did know he was married, she better watch out.
@procne (80)
• Philippines
29 Apr 08
'super glue his male specimen to his belly'.. I guess he won't try cheating then. In some Asian country? Someone cut her husband's male specimen when she knew. At least you just glue it.
• India
29 Apr 08
If i find the person is cheating with me then i tell definatly leave from my life. Because that person can do it everytime when u forgive him/her.