Varicose Veins. Do you have it?

@ozzeth (942)
April 29, 2008 2:11am CST
I don't have and i am very becareful with it..But what i afraid is its in our genes...Varicose is also a genetic condition. If i don't have now they said maybe when i got fragnant it will come out. OOOzzzz... My younger sister is already a varicose on his legs..She is more curious and very becareful with it. But because its in our genes..she didn't avoid it. I just watched a morning health show last sunday about varicose. They said the causes of this condition are always standing with force..especially those jobs involve in standing, Genetic.. and etc. It's a WEAK veins that hardly the blood flow upward. Instead going up..the blood will going back down. So the veins will have a thicker forms on your legs and sometimes it forms like a worm, circle... Do you have it? Is it in your genes? What are your ways to avoid it?
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@mrdos910 (456)
• United States
10 Jun 09
I do have varicose veins, and I sure have them bad, again :( I have had vein strippings done on both legs multiple times as an outpatient surgical procedure. My right leg is swelling again and pain just above my knee where I see some nasty veins appearing. So I guess I need to have the surgery again on my right leg which is the worst. My leg swells so large that my shoe is tight.