Report and Ban system - Please read all and tell me what you think

April 29, 2008 5:18am CST
O.K. based on the number of stupid discussions made by people that are just hungry for myLot to give money, we DO and WILL need a Report and Ban system. Of course, this isn't a easy thing to do, I know. A Report system will be added, it will have options to why you are to report that member such as: Flaming, Making an excess number of useless topics, abusing people, abusing the system and stuff like that. Then you will need a Report and Ban staff. Of course you can always have the staff that run myLot, but they can't be staring at the computer screen 24/7. If they DID need to recruit staff, they will have to recruit people that are well known, never broken the rules, fair, have a reasonable post number and never done anything stupid. You cannot permanently ban a member though, that would be un-fair in some cases, I mean, it would be really unfair if you were banned permanently if you typed a rage post and people reported you offensive language. You would then need to being out the temporary bans, for swearing it could just be a short 10 days, that's almost $1 for me :P. Please reply to this discussion if you think it is a good idea, I will post this to the myLot team once I reach 100+ responses! If you are against this idea, do not reply to this discussion if you wish and leave or if you really hate it, just press the "-" sign and decrease my reputation :D. Im fine either way. Thank you~ Nobody
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29 Apr 08
Well the ! is surely to report a person, or an individual discussion? That's what I do when I discover discussions such as those you mentions. I don't know what the Mylot team do with these reports though - but I would have thoguht if they got to many not only would the discussions be removed but something would happen to the person. Perhaps a loss in earnings would be a way to go. That way it would be more incentive to keep coming to the site but post useful discussions that keep within the guidelines.