What are the mechanism you use to look for a new job

@playsafe (115)
April 29, 2008 7:01am CST
There are lot many who are into job, lot many looking for new jobs, lot many starting their career first and lot many have unhappy landing either due to office too far, job unsatisfactory, boring, boss is too bossy, no appreciation or too much work. Well, I looked for a change in job when I realized I am self sufficient to look for a new challenge better than current. Anyways looking for job on net is the first mechanism. Since, few years back when I actually looked for job and to do some free IT development from home, options were pretty less but now widgets everywhere. So, have also created a website (at my profile as freelanceritjobs However, now there are good job search engines too who pool down jobs from every corner and provides job search by country or location. Pour down how you are looking for jobs and did you find one. Was internet jobs search better than Newspaper job advertisement. With internet job search, search out various others info like interview questions asked, packages etc as all these are at times posted by companies new employees in their blog or social sites as part to show happiness and help to others.
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