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April 29, 2008 7:39am CST
Hello, every one here. This is a brief introduction of Confucius. I'd like to share his ideas here and we can have discussions. Confucius (551--479 BC), living in what was called the Spring and Autumn period(770--476 BC), was a great thinker and the first educator of China. His name was Kong Qui and the courtesy name was Zhongni. Confucius was his Latinized name used in the West ever since he was know abroad. Confucius put efforts on exploring the basic laws of nature, humans and society and engaging in philosophy research. His political ideas has been adopted in China for about 2000 years, from the West Han Dynasty(140 BC) to the founding of PRC. Like Socrates, he didn't write any book. His sayings were recorded by his students in the book called The Analects (or SAYINGS DISCUSSED), in the form of answers and questions or conversations. I will introduce some of his classic sayings later. Tell me your opinions about his ideas, the differences between this and your culture, and whether it is useful today. Thank you.
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23 Feb 10
Hello, renee0909, I am also a Chinese, and I know something about Confucius. I admire Confucius a lot. In addition, I also love the book Analects a lot. In this book, I could find a lot of conversations about Confucius and his students. Confucius is a great educator and thinker.