One problem in you tube.....

April 29, 2008 10:39am CST
You tube is the best site for viewing videos for any subjects.But there is one problem in you tube.There is no downloading option in that site....
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@amitpuri (457)
• India
29 Apr 08
Yep this is true that the site is just awesome and we get all the songs and the videos there but there is the problem of downloading videos at the site but i am having the solution of the problem that is so simple to download the videos from you tube.Just copy the link of the video from the you tube and paste it over another site and there is the option for the download at that site so this is the very much easy to download the videos from the youtube and i am downloading the videos in this way from the youtube. Hey try this out its very simple and enjoy your favorite videos, go and download say me thanks
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• Germany
30 Apr 08
amitpuri has already mentioned the best, but sometimes, for some reason, it doesn't recognize the video. If this happens, I always try the same at a site called "" and most of the time it works. As for the Firefox-plugin mentioned by smacksman, I have that installed, too. It has a high recognition rate and will work for the most sites. You can download it here: I don't know if there is a similiar plugin for Internet-Explorer as this is still the browser most people use. Another good solution would be a standalone flv-downloader like:
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• Southend-On-Sea, England
30 Apr 08
I love the site, but am rather disappointed that clips of Van Morrison playing live have been removed at the request of his record company. Morally I suppose that's OK, as it does infringe copyright, but the bit I find disappointing is that these video clips can't be bought, whereas his music can be on CD/DVD. If we didn't happen to be at any one of his concerts which have been removed from YouTube, then we will never get the chance to see that particular unique piece of Van. Another problem I have with YouTube is that I often find the videos won't play, or keep stopping and starting while I'm viewing them. I have gone through all the troubleshooting processes that they on YouTube advise you to do if you have these problems, but the problem still persists.