Some tips on how to save on gas!!

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April 29, 2008 12:25pm CST
I know everyone is feeling the pinch now. Luckily (in some regards)... only my husband is working outside the home. His commute is only about 15 miles round trip... so again... we're lucky! But... it is still costing about $50 every two weeks to fill up his truck - a 98 Ford F150. Not the best truck for gas mileage... but we bought it brand-spanking new and it's our baby. Anyways... in NJ... the average price for gas is $3.40 a gallon. In our town... it ranges from $3.39 to $3.49... in the state it ranges from $3.34 to $3.99. All the prices are just for regular... I won't bother telling you about the others! I said this was tips on how to save, didn't I? Well let's get to it!! There's a website called "New Jersey Gas Prices" that you can find the cheapest in your town or area. The website is I'm not sure how many other states have this kind of website... but do a Google search for "*yourstate* cheap gas" and I'm sure you'll find something. NY, PA, CT, FL, CA all have the same websites. Maybe just try typing in *yourstate* and you'll get lucky and find a website! Another tip... know what you need for groceries constantly!! If you know you need the basics, stop on your way home from work or while doing other errands. This way you're not running out JUST to buy the groceries. Along the same lines... if you have the space and you use alot of the same thing (pasta, diapers, wipes, formula, soda, juices, toilet paper)... join a warehouse club! The fewer times you need to go to the store... the less gas you use. To help find ways to get around... besides driving your own car. Check out these websites -, and Now... these other tips come from a magazine - All you. They aren't all available in every state... so do a little research. Be loyal - Use your grocery store's preferred customer card to earn extra savings at the pump. ~Kroger's - For ever $100 in groceries you buy, you save 10 cents per gallon of gas at Kroger Fuel Center. - ~Stop & Shop - After a minimum of $50 in groceries, save 5 cents per gallon or plus and 10 cents per gallon on premium at Stop and Shop. - ~Safeway - Club card members save 3 cents every day at store pumps and earn 5-10 cent bonuses for elegible purchases of $50 or more. - ~Giant Eagle - Earn fuelperks and save 10 cents per gallon of gas when you spend $50 or more - AVOID debit cards ~Some banks charge fees for using the card. If yours does... don't use it. Also, some stations will "hold" $100 on your account even if you only spend $20 in gas, so that can lead to bounced checks and more fees Get free gas ~Meijer's Fuel rewards Program - Look for "free gas" signs around the store. Purchase those products and you'll receive free gas rewards at checkout that you can use at Meijer Gas Stations. - ~FuelLinks - Use your FuelLinks card and earn "cash-for-gas" on purchases. Join online at Become a member ~ AAA - Members who use the Gas Rebate Platinum Plus Visa get up to 5% gas rebate on any pay at the pump purchase - ~Warehouse clubs - Sam's club (, Costco (, BJ's ( often have the lowest prices in town. Membership is normally $35-$45 a year but if you buy enough gas... it's worth it. I know that if you use your Costco AMEX card to fill up, you'll receive 3% cash back. Visit the websites for more details. Buy yourself a gas gift ~Purchase a Walmart gift card and use it instead of cash for fill-ups at any Walmart or Sam's club gas station. You'll automatically save 3 cents per gallon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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29 Apr 08
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this is very informative for me...good thing you posted this discussion, you gave so many tips. i really need to save on gas coz me and boyfriend uses the same car and he always steps on the gas. with this, i'll be able to save a few cents on gas.
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3 May 08
I'm glad it helped! There's a ton more ways to save... you just need to be open to them!
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4 May 08
that is so true