What's Your Take On Long-Term Relationships?

Anderson, Indiana
April 30, 2008 1:21am CST
Actually, I'm not talking about romantic relationships. I'm talking about an endorsement relationship, and I would like to invite you to become a part of this. What I'm about to share with you is a part of Invisible Youth Network called our chapters. These are places where you (and other people, of course) can go to add your name and other particulars that will bear witness to the fact that you endorse what we're doing. One place (not a chapter) to where you can, obviously, go to do this is our website--a brand new one designed by this really neat guy named Hemant Baidwan who's a brilliant and very busy businessman who has been nice enough to share huge chunks of his busy time with us and really seems to enjoy doing so. Anyway, the following link will take you to our new website (still under construction but a lot done already)... http://invisibleyouthnetwork.org Now! Almost time to go to the chapters. First off, however, let me explain how we work and what we expect. Anybody reading this can become a member and will remain a member unless he/she turns out to be destructive to us in some way (e.g. a pedophile, terrorist, etc.). The minimum requirement of being a member is just joining our website and/or one or more of our online chapters (also, when we get them established, you can also join real life chapters such as established in schools, churches, clubs, etc.). Of course, we're grateful for anything you might want to do besides simply joining our chapters--things such as participating in discussions, sharing your own ideas and news, donating, setting up things such as your own yard sale to raise funds and/or community festivals/thons/car washes/bake sales, etc. But, even by merely joining, you give us impressive numbers. We are hoping to have a membership of at least 10,000 by New Year's Day 2009! Do you think we can do this!?! I do!!! Then, there are actual volunteer positions that will--as well as being fulfilling for their own sake--look great on resumes, etc. However, we expect more out of actual volunteers--and they will all be interviewed before even being considered. We're always happy with more, but we require volunteers to give a minimum of eight hours of service per month (which is two hours per week). We need both online volunteers and real life volunteers. Okay! Now for information about the chapters. I'm going to give you a list of our chapters--plus, I'm going to put the spotlight on a very special one. When you go to this chapter at MySpace, you'll find that the owner of it is a 26 year old male. However, the reason for that has to do with age requirements when it comes to having a chapter of this sort on MySpace. In spite of the adult backing him, the actual chief cook & bottle washer is a young man (early teens) from Texas named Charles Garza. Charles will wow you when you get to know him! Our wonderful founder and chairman (Russell T. Hartsaw) has "adopted" him as his kid brother and has given him the much-deserved position of his executive assistant--and don't think even for a moment that this soon-to-be-high-school-freshman can't handle this responsibility! He has already shown us time and again that he's up to it! At the time I'm writing this, his relatively new chapter already has 13 members--but deserves to have a whole lot more. If you're a member of MySpace--or are planning on becoming one--please join Charles' chapter by going here: http://www.myspace.com/invisibleyouthnetwork Please look over all of our chapters, in fact. It could be that you're members of some of these various sites such as Facebook & Writing.com but might not even know that they're there. The following link will take you to a page where you can find information about this: http://sefromaj.blogspot.com/2008/04/online-chapters-for-invisible-youth.html So, no matter what you think of long-term relationships in the romantic sense, I hope that you'll want to have a long-term relationship with us and will invite your family and friends as well! Please use comment area of this discussion to share your thoughts about IYN and its mission, make suggestions, ask questions, etc. Thanks for reading!
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