Art of Listening

@vsraovsr (734)
April 30, 2008 5:22am CST
It is always said that you should be good listener to be a good speaker but I'm very poor at this art? Do you practise this art?
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@crackhead (1826)
• India
30 Apr 08
Few art's are not adopted by practicing, they are acquired. Well you need a lot of patience to be a good listener, which makes you think about what you are listening to. You analyze things well when you listen to a lot of things. Rolling stone gathers no mass is a saying which is referred to people who talk and talk and talk but still with out any use. Well i dont mean to say all those who talk are waste of time. Its just said like that. When you can be a good listener you can be practical. All your thinking and analyzing can make you better and better when you put things in practical. I dont practice it but i was tought to be a good listener rather than to talk and talk and end up tired. Lol yeah my dad always says dont talk to much listen too much and be a good performer.
@vsraovsr (734)
• India
2 May 08
I like the reasons given by you for being a good listener and I'll definitely try to practise them.
@plumwish07 (4059)
• Indonesia
3 May 08
art of listening is not as easy to learn and yes its definetely needs pracftice of it. however, art of listening actually is basic skill that every woman have in their selves rather than man. so, if you want to be good in this then you should try to manage your desire to response while another still speaking with you
@pkc3000 (1267)
• India
1 May 08
dear vsraovsr Exactly it is true as people say that human being should be a good listener . But no body is paying heedto this proverb. When I was in school one of my teacher always told that there will be no enemy for deaf & dumb person . It is also a proverb and it has inner meaning. We make our enemy by talking or use unparliamentary languages. If you keep quite and not urgue with any body whether it is wrong or bad you will face no problem/ no enemy. Listening is a very good habit. First you listen thoroughly then you offer your comments. Everybody is orator but no body is listener. I tried to my level best to implement the above theory but some times I failed to act as I can not control my temperament . pkc3000
• United States
30 Apr 08
I practice this art all the time. And in life ii is important to listen. Listening is a very important apart of our everyday life. People say that i speak very well. I love to read and listen to all intructions when someone is talking to me. Weather i know all about what they are talking about or not. It never hurts to just be quiet and listen.
• Poland
30 Apr 08
Hi:) I'm poor in this art too:) many people say that Silence is golden, but I prefer silver if you know what I mean :D It's really hard to me don't say what I think :) and this is the reason why I'm not good listener. I can't listened in silence.