three gifts you would like to receive???

April 30, 2008 9:20am CST
THREE GIFTS YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE??? woah... if i can enumerate them, its not only three... maybe around thirty gifts? wahhh... i really wanna have these three items in my birthday! 1. new violin 2. apple iphone 16giga~~~ wah,toooooo much!!! 3. microphone. what? yeah, hope i can get new sennheisser!!!
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• India
17 Jun 08 2.a petrol bunk to run it 3.few men to run the petrol bunk
@jesbellaine (4140)
• Philippines
30 Apr 08
Three Gifts I would like to receive: 1. New books of chicken soup for the soul. 2. New 3G cellphone or Iphone. 3. Laptop computer hehehe
@Shaun72 (15965)
• Palatka, Florida
30 Apr 08
1 new computer tower. The one I have has a lot of problems. 2 A stereo with a cd player. 3 a microphone when I get another computer tower
@youless (104260)
• Guangzhou, China
30 Apr 08
1. A nice and big toy for my son. 2. A piano for my husband. 3. A smartphone with Wi-fi and the operating system is WM5.0 or above.
@lvaldean (1612)
• United States
30 Apr 08
Wow, only three? What three things do I really want? Do they have to be three things that can be bought? Can they be any three things? I am going to go with a more esoteric three things.... 1. I want my new Grandchild (due in October) to be born healthy and into a society where they have opportunity to thrive. 2. I want my youngest son to find happiness and joy in his marriage (he is getting married in May). 3. I wish someone would come clean my house from top to bottom including finishing all the undone projects like painting, replacing light bulbs, finishing the ceilings, landscaping - just everything. Those would be the three gifts I would like.