My Adsense and my Mylot

April 30, 2008 6:51pm CST
Which is hetter for making some money? Google Adsense or Mylot? I have been told countless of times that people have made tons of money on Adsense and I believe them. Put up some websites, get traffic into them and you could make a killing. I believe them. I made a bunch of websites, promote them any way I know how and my Adsense income for March is $1.34, for April it's $1.26. I have been mylotting less than 2 weeks (methinks) and I have $6.00 as my earnings here at Mylot. I have $48.00 in Google Adsense but I won't get paid until I reach $100. In Mylot, if I reach $10, I can get paid. My instincts tell me Mylot will show me the money sooner than Adsense. What's your experience?
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