Gastric Bypass - Im 16

United States
April 30, 2008 8:29pm CST
I've heard that kids under 12 have had this done. Im in the 300s and i think this is better for my health, considering my weight is hereditary. However, my worries about it are this: Hair Thinning and Hair Loss. How often does that happen to people who have G/B done?? Coz... i need this in order to save my life later. Eating Healty and Excersizing aren't cutting it. I've not lost a single pound, but GAINED... and I've been workin my behind off!! So - no this is NOT Lipo, people... this is Gastric Bypass...tightening the stomach limiting my stomach to the peak of apetite. "Woa..okay were full don't eat anymore" when it's only a little bit yano?? But my TOP the Hair often does that happen to people who get the bypass??
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