Searching for a word....through the corn field.

@taface412 (3175)
United States
April 30, 2008 8:56pm CST
Okay for a long time now I have been afraid of corn fields. I think it started as a child when my brother and I and a family friend watched "Children of the Corn," while our parents played cards all night. After the movie I remember we went outside (I being the youngest) and started playing hide and seek in the corn fields next to the house. I remember it was dark and a full moon. And my brother scaring me so much I never wanted to see corn fields ever again. But I grew up across the street from corn fields, I went to college in a town that was a high producer of corn (a coincidence, b/c I had no idea about the school. It was my third choice school). My whole point behind this topic post is I want to know what the word/term is for this fear. I have tried searching for it and all I get is a list of corn field mazes and I definitely do not want that. So if anyone knows of a site that can define this odd phobia or if anyone knows the term....please tell me.
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