do you like grocery shopping

United States
April 30, 2008 9:28pm CST
i know i dnt like it becouse you dnt know what you want to eat and when you see the prices you want to put it all back and dnt eat at all and then someonetime i like it but you dnt want to shop with someone you trying to get your food and theirs i hate that and they just take the cart and do what they want and tell you they looking for you but you know what this time i know i got to get an other cart and then you can go shopping and do what you want but dnt go with a lot of ppl becouse they want you to pay for they food and yours and they dnt pay you back
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@Anne18 (11034)
3 Jun 08
I suppose I sort of like this sort of shopping as we are on a tight budget £70 per week to feed five of us, I do like going hunting for the bargins etc. Sometimes I don't like it as I see all the things that I would love to buy and i know that i can't buy them as the budget doesn't allow me to. I suppose my grocery dream is to go around the store and just put wwhat I want into my trolley and not to have to look at the price of things and someone pay my bill at the checkout! Anyone offering??!! LOL