If you were to make a website

April 30, 2008 10:37pm CST
If you were to make a website, what would it be about? What model would be the best one for you? Would it be like Youtube? Myspace? Facebook? Mylot? Forum? Blog? Wiki? What would attract the most traffic? Would it be necessary to give money away?
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@Asylum (48048)
• Manchester, England
1 May 08
There is no hard and fast rule because we all have varying tastes and the choice of web content would vary from one yaer to the next. I have made quite a few websites in the past, although I do not think that any of them are still around. The subjects that I chose varied from a personal page to a basic tutorial for Microsoft Office. I have often thought about creating another, but cannot really decide on an appropriate topic.
@jhl930 (3603)
• United States
1 May 08
if i were to get the chance to make a website, i honestly think that it would be a little bit like myspace and a little bit like youtube because honestly i know that a lot of people go there and thats what would make me the most money...i think that at the end of every month i could give like a few hundred dollars away i know that it isn't much but who doesn't wnat free money?
• Philippines
1 May 08
Thank you for your comments. It seems to me that websites where people can interact and where videos can be seen like Myspace and Youtube is really catching on. I wonder what the future of websites will be, the form and functions might change a little bit depending on what people want.