The first proper book I have read this year!

@Anne18 (11034)
May 1, 2008 12:42am CST
I used to read loads and loads of books when younger and even when the children were smaller. Now I do read lots of forums etc on the net, read to the children and newspapers so i do read but not books. I used to read up to three novels a week. The other year I reaslised that I had only read four books in one whole year, disgusting for me. so I made a plan of action and decided to read 52 books in one year. I decided to go by the year rather than the weeks as some weeks I seem to have more time and sometimes if i get into a book I read it very quickly so I may have read two books in one week, plus books don't all have the same amount of pages. Well I got to about 45 books, which was good considering the year before I only read four! Last year didn't have a plan and read very few books! This year I though I would go for 52 books again but start at A and work my way through to Z and then go back to A again! Well Its now May and I don't think I have read one whole book (until now). I haven't even read my christmas books, (Richard Hammond and Jason Donovon). I put it down to being so read out and reading sooo many books in my life (I'm 44) that a lot of books are so samey now!!! Anyway in Woolies last week I picked up a book by Ann Hood called the Knitting Circle. And it is brill. I'm half way through it and am stopping doing things to read it, (something unheard of for me these days) I don't want to spoil it for you, but its about a group of ladiers who meet on a wednesday and knit, they all have hidden problems and they knit to save there lives. fingers crossed this will renew my love of reading as I do rerally miss reading, but its I suppose brain training my mind back into it and finding some good books that grab me. Goodness knows what I shall be like when I'm 80, hope there will be some books out there to grab me!! LOL
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@niki_26 (125)
• India
1 May 08
The first ever book i read proper ly was black beauty that too because i had to make a book report on it
@Anne18 (11034)
4 May 08
I have also read black Beauty. Its a ver good novel. I also used to watch it when it was made into a telvision series, I really used to enjoy the advantures that they got up to and aslo the period of time it was set in. Another horsey tv series i used to follow as a child was Follyfoot.. did you watch that? What was the next book you read after Black beauty and did you enjoy that as well? Did it give you the bug to carry on reading?
@enola1692 (3325)
• United States
14 Sep 08
The first book I read properly was the clan of the cave bear serries then i read the roots saga I love history so i read alot about history