whom are you making love to???

May 1, 2008 1:31am CST
hi, i was wondering have you guys ever tried to imagin your parterner was someone else when you are making love to her. because i did it a couple of times, and i am not saying that i don't love my wife anymore or get tired of the relationship. i just think you could easily get bored if you have to face a same woman everyday,to see the same face everyday, to kiss the same lips everyday, i mean after being living together for four years, you know every detials about her, i mean it's just not like before, you know, there is not much excitement between us any more. it's like, there is no way you can keep your love fresh for a long time, you know what i mean. how many of you who have been married for that long or being with your parterner for that long have the same experience like this. can you talk about it, i would appreciate.
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1 May 08
If you are fantasizing about another woman, maybe you need to discuss this with your partner and see if she would be interested in a little role play. So she can be your fantasy girl. Have her wear wigs, different make-up, spiked heels (if she don't wear them all the time) ask her to be more flirtatious or aggressive. Spice it up! You would not get that spark you need if you don't communicate. You might be surprise! She might be into it. I love to spice up my love life, playing different characters for my husband. I go to the cosmetic counter get a fresh new look, buy a different wig, take on a new personality. One time I surprised him, to the point he asked me to leave the home because he thought I was a stranger. (By the way that was one of the times we ever had) Now I dress like that as if I was his other woman, but his wife all the same. TALK TO HER, she how she feels about it. It may take some time to get into it, but it would be worth it in the end.