my mom is jealous of me being close to boyfriends mom

United States
May 1, 2008 3:24am CST
help!!! i dont want my mom to feel hurt or jealous, i have been with my boyfriend for 5 years we are getting married next july but my mom says things like your my daughter not hers when jacue my bf mom invites me to dinner or something, or i had surgery and mom got kinda upset jacque would be there to for my surgery how can i help my mokm feel at ease. no one can take her place and i told her that.
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@madlees (1379)
• India
2 May 08
Hi Angelbear, I am a mother myself of a married daughter and I have been a daughter of a mother too. I can understand both sides. When I came back to Chennai after being away with my husband and kids for 10 years, we used to live with my parents place as it was quite a big one and they were alone in that. I had taken over cooking at that time.When my husband returned from work, my mom used to get upset if I go and sit with my hubby for a while. She always wanted me to bve with her. If I just talk about my MIL itself would make her upset. I couldn't understand this till my daughter got married. My daughter's MIL was a very good lady but I could not accept my daughter doing everything for her and loving her. I used to feel upset that my daughter was not giving any attention towards me and everything was aimed at their relationship That is natural dear. It is the mother's possessiveness that she cannot see the daughter being friendly with another lady. So do not bother. She'll get adjusted after sometime as I have unmderstood my daughter's problem. You just talk to her and make her understand that , your relationship with your MIL is duty while with her it is love and only love. She'll inderstand... All the best
@scammerwear (1433)
• Singapore
1 May 08
Have you tried going on a short trip with her? Just the two of you, to somewhere your mom would like to visit. Pamper her a little and assure her that you'll always be her daughter. Best done before you get married ya? My two cents.